IPG Family Office (UK) Limited was established in 2016 to support the IPG Group’s growing international corporate and private client network with new solutions and innovative ideas.

One such example is IPG’s “Universal Life Insurance” solution, which addresses the need for liquidity in the event of a person’s death. “ULI” can be used, for example, to pay taxes triggered by the inheritance process or it can also guard against the financial impact of a death by ensuring a business is compensated for any identified loss of earnings – so called “key-man” insurance.

Another example is addressing a development for UK resident non-domiciliaries, who may be affected by a change to the current rules in 2017. Such individuals would therefore be well advised to consider creating an Excluded Property Trust and adding any non-UK assets to the trust before they become deemed domiciled.

Further details about the features and benefits of these solutions, and other needs they may address, may be found in the accompanying Fact Sheets. The IPG team has considerable multi-jurisdictional experience in the global estate and inheritance planning industry. The company and its team are independent of any institution, ruling out potential conflicts of interest.